Ever since Firefox 3.x.x came out I have wanted to use it on my main PC which is running Slackware 12. (FF 3.whatever runs fine on my wife's Vaio XP laptop) When I first tried FF 3.x.x on my machine, it was dog slow so I went back to 2.0.0.x. So, I tried again last night to install Firefox 3.0.10 on my main PC and, once again, the install goes fine but 1) is it still painfully slow and 2) this time, I noticed I didn't have <- and -> buttons on the upper left. So, once again, I reverted back to 2.dinosaur because it is significantly quicker and works. I am considering upgrading to Slackware 12.2 but I haven't decided yet and really don't know if it's worth the effort just to use FF3. I have also toyed with the idea of going with Fedora (which now up to 6 discs unless you do the DVD or net install; I do have a DVD burner so that's what I would do) or even Ubloatu with the hopes that maybe I'll have better luck with some of the ham radio software out there that is supposed to work with Linux. Decisions. Decisions. I don't want to drift away from Slack but I what I might do is just set up another PC for ham radio and see how that goes because I really don't want to part with Slackware as my main PC's OS.

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