Seems to be a lot of negative stories in the news of late. I guess since progress is being made in Iraq, the MSM needs to find, and cheer on, negativity elsewhere.

Mortgage meltdown/subprime crisis.
Soaring gas prices.
Downturn in the stock market.
Possible recession on the horizon (by traditional definition, not because Warren Buffett or the NyTimes say so).

The people wanted a Democratic majority in Congress and they got it. This current group is redefining the term feckless.

And what are the more influential Senators doing about these problems? Why, they are running for President! They can't manage the country as congressmen and women but they say they can as President. Instead of spending time in Ohio, Texas, or Wyoming, they should be working for the people they represent now, not whom they want to represent in the future.

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