.... . .-.. .-.. --- / .-- --- .-. .-.. -.. 
...is how "hello world" is represented in Morse Code. The dots and dashes are generally called dits (short/dot) and dahs (long/dash). The slash in the title represents a space between words. When transmitting, the space between words is a short pause.

I am trying to learn Morse Code and Tap Code. Tap Code is real easy in that all you do is draw a 5x5 box and letter A-E on the first row and continue down four more ending with Z. C and K are the same and included in the first row. The taps work row-column so it's easy to set-up and visualize. Thus, tap-pause-tap is A, tap-pause-tap-tap is B, tap-tap-pause-tap is F and so on. When tapping is not an option, eye blinks, light flashes, or just about anything that has an on/off state can work.

Morse Code is more complicated so I built a Morse Code buzzer per these instructions and I decided to use both the buzzer and LED. So, now I practice and it's hard. I need to find someone to practice with so I can practice both sending and translating. I am also way too slow. I've read that some people can hit over 50 wpm, the record is 75 wpm, and claims of over 100 wpm have been made. Wow.

I don't know if I'll every need to use or decipher Morse Code but it can't hurt to know it. Same goes for Tap Code. One can never know too many ways to communicate.

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