An Invention I'd like to see 
With video cameras pervading our society and, more often than not, these cameras aren't deterring crime but rather functioning as a means to spy on average people, I would like to see someone invent a product that would obscure one's face, or whole body, when being videotaped.

I envision a small ring or necklace, nothing that can be implanted, of course, that would transmit a signal around a person and the signal would distort the live and recorded image. I have seen that there are products that search for video cameras in a small area but this product would work seamlessly and give the recording nothing but garble or static where your body appears in the video and on the monitor. Also, it would be important not to effect the human eye when in the physical presence of others.

The same inventor could also develop a countermeasure that can be sold to PRIVATE entities that detects when the device is on and denies entry to someone wearing it who is entering a bank or convenience store or other private business.

Now that I think about, distorting the whole body would be a nice feature as the technology is being developed that can identify people by their gait. So, perhaps two models can be made; one for Just blocking the face which would defeat facial recognition systems and then the deluxe edition that blurs the whole body and should defeat both facial and gait recognition.

I wish I would have studied how this kind of stuff works when I was in school so I could develop this product on my own. All I have to offer is an idea with no training or skill to engineer one.

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