Last Saturday's 5K 
The 5K I ran last weekend timed me at 28:26 but I timed myself at 28:16; either way a PR. I always start my watch when I begin running and the race, while it utilized chip timing, did not have a sensor at the starting line. So, I'll take my reading as my official time and now that's the number to beat for my next 5K. However, I was disappointed to see that I finished 6/7 in my age group. The previous 5K I ran I was 16/21. I need to goad more of my friends into running these races with me so I can have a shot at finishing in the top half for my age group.

The race itself featured a major hill for most of the first mile. I hit mile one at a dismal 9:53 but, again, I blame the hill (and the rain too, the rain stopped about halfway through the run). Mile two I crossed at 18:40 so I picked up a nice pace after that. Not a bad race overall, lots of goodies beforehand and afterwards, including coffee! I go light on coffee before races and limit myself to about 12oz. Afterwards, I catch up and imbibe my usual gallon or so.

My next goal is to get these things done in under a 9:00 pace. I'm getting closer. Getting under 10 was easy, nine should come soon, but eight looks like it's going to be tough. But, I take pride in knowing that my practice and training are paying off.

No excuses. No bull. Just do it.

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