...very cold. So far, nearly every day has been below normal this month. Take a look.

It's not just local, either: Deep Freeze Chills Florida

UK's Met Office sees cold winter continuing

Abnormally cold winter among issues facing utilities (Iowa)

Northwest MT cold means bigger energy bills
(really? who woulda thunk)

MA, RI take on more snow, cold temperatures

I much prefer the 'warming' part of global warming to the 'cooling' part.

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As someone who wants to enter the data analysis biz, it breaks my heart to see these kinds of sampling procedures used.

Administrator (Brian) 
Given that the earth is a few billion years old, 128 years of records is a biased sample too.

Given that the earth is a few billion years old, 128 years of records is a biased sample too.

True, it was something like 25 degrees on average in the Cretaceous, but we don't live in that time period anymore, and if that were the case again, it wouldn't bode well.

My point is that, to address the question "Is the Earth as a whole heating up rapidly now?", taking anecdotal data from some Atlantic countries is biased.

And, by the way, the weather here in Lake Ontario region SUCKS.

Administrator (Brian) 
Buffalo is on Lake Erie. Do they call it the Lake Ontario region?

I was in Niagara Falls once during a November and that was brutal enough. I couldn't see myself riding out the winter up there. I get up to Canada on occasion (close to Kingston area, cross where I-81 ends) but that's only in the summer.

It's on both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario; the main thing is that much of our notorious weather owes to the winds blowing off Lake Ontario.

Administrator (Brian) 
Ok, makes sense; so Ontario's 'lake effect' is more influential to the Buffalo region than Erie's I taketh. I know that Erie is no slouch herself when it comes to punishing NE Ohio and NW PA.

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