Election? No Problem. 

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...no problem if you have the media to carry you along, that is. I saw this comic in my local paper a few days ago and it's oh so true. It's amazing how the media goes gaga over Obama. His gaffes like saying he's visited 57 states or that 10,000 people died in a Kansas tornado, or that Arkansas is closer to Kentucky than Illinois or that his uncle helped liberate Auschwitz (the Russians found Auschwitz) go almost completely without notice from the media or, if they are noticed, they cover for him quite nicely. Imagine if McCain had claimed to have visited 57 states or that a myriad of people died in a tornado when, in fact, it didn't happen. It would be horns-a-blowin' and trumpets-a-blarin' about how clueless the man is. But, BHO has an unlimited amount of get out of jail free cards that the media always plays when he gaffes or shows his obvious inexperience on domestic and foreign matters.

Additionally, associations with nutjob Rev. Wright or domestic terrorist William Ayers or crooked Tony Rezko certainly should lead to a debate about his choice of acquaintances, but it hasn't; like the Dan Quayle-like gaffes, a free pass is issued by the press.

But, people want change, I suppose, never thinking that change can be negative as well as a positive. So, I ask people, what do you want to change? Less corruption and cronyism in Washington? Well, Obama's connections to some questionable individuals make that unlikely. Someone who is intelligent? Well, forgetting how many US states there are or hyper-inflating a recent tornado's death toll do little there, too. You want a better life for yourself? Then work harder, smarter, and challenge yourself by setting goals. Seek out government programs that help you find a better job or further your education, not just ones that give you a check and say "here you go, see you next month." From personal experience, I can say that my quality of living is more dependent on my actions than who the president is.

Nonetheless, since the media will carry Obama into November, we need not worry about his gaffes or choice of friends. The media will toss those into the ol' memory hole. Nothing to see here, move along, and when you see that man carrying Obama down the racetrack, get out of their way.

You live in what is overall the most right-wing country in the post-industrial West

After all, Michelle Malkin referred to Obama's wife as his "baby mama" on air and didn't get fired like she should have—which is probably what would have happened in any other developed Western country

I saw Rev. Wright sound bites on the news at least a dozen times and I hardly even watch television

No, the media are not controlled by a cabal of Jewish liberals who throw every bit of negative coverage about Obama down the "memory hole"

Stop whining

Administrator (Brian) 
You live in what is overall the most right-wing country in the post-industrial West

Thank God.

You also live in a country that depends on oil and autos over much, no longer produces as much scientific literature as the EU, has a high infant mortality rate, widespread (functional) illiteracy and innumeracy, etc., etc., etc.

Not all of these problems will be solved by Big Gubbermint—though it can be shown that some of them will—but waving the big foam #1 finger isn't going to solve anything

Regardless, I think I've demonstrated that there isn't some liberal Jewish media conspiracy out to get McCain. After all, if he gives speeches against a green screen, he'll have to accept the fallout.

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