Postcard from Michael Yon 
I got a postcard from Michael Yon today. Michael is a blogger and observer who spends a lot of time in Iraq. He chronicles what he sees and though he's not a journalist, many journalists can learn a lot from him.

The front ^ and back v

A link to Michael's Blog is on the right. Be sure to check it out. If you can, donate to him as well. I'll ask the library I frequent if they will order the book and I have added it to my reading list, which is usually two or three books deep but I can certainly fit this one in.

Thanks for posting Michael's website. I don't trust CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, etc.. to report anything of factual nature and turn to CBN for news on the war. Michael's view appears to be factual and untainted with personal opinion or slanted in any one direction other than what we already know... we have to help those people! If we don't help those people and we turn our backs on them...what would that say about us and what would it do to our security here are home.

Hanging in here in TN

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I got an email from the college library; the book was ordered and I'll get an email once it's in.

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