NFL Picks 
If you care, here are my picks for the games this weekend:

New England over Jacksonville (take Jax and the points on this one)
San Diego over Indianapolis

Seattle over Green Bay
Dallas over New Jersey

Of the four NFC teams left, I like none of them. Seattle would be "rootable for" except for the fact that Holmgren is waaaaay overrated. I have to root for the New Jersey Giants <shudder> to upset Dallas but I don't see it happening. I have no beef with any of the AFC teams left some hopefully an AFC team will win the Super Bowl.

I don't know how to make fun of this one, so I'll leave it to more capable hands.

Jack Del Rio 
Well, at least now I'll have a whole lot of free time to finish reading "How to Win the Super Bowl" by Marv Levy. I'm lucky I was able to get through the chapter "Halftime adjustments are over-rated" before last night!

It's good to see the Cowboys lose, even if it means my prediction was wrong. Awesome! As for the Packers, I can't believe the season they put together so I thought they were due for a letdown. Oh well, it's better to see the Cowboys roll a gutterball than the Pack.

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