Another Dud 
Which dud you ask?

1. The Eagles losing to the Seahawks and pretty much eliminating themselves from playoff contention.

2. WVU falling flat (yippie!) to Pitt on Saturday. What an awesome game! That was Pitt's biggest win in years. Awesome! It's not as sweet as a win over ND or PSU but I'll take it. Since Joe refuses to play Pitt, WVU is the rivalry right now.

3. The doom and gloom forecast of snow, ice, and freezing rain for yesterday which, of course, turned out to be about half an inch of snow, no freezing rain, or ice. Maybe Township Warming neutralized the storm. I went to the store on Friday, like I always do, in the morning to beat the panic that would unfold in the afternoon. Saturday I realized I was low on rock salt and decided ride it out with the little bit I had because there was no way I was going to the store on the first of the month with a forecast of bad weather. It turns out, I only used a little salt on the front steps because, as I suspected, the storm was nothing more than a brief annoyance. I'll give them some credit though, they were right about the wind forecasts for today; gusts to 45mph they say and it sure is windy right now.

4. The economy? Wait, GDP rose 4.9% over the third quarter, beating estimates. Not only can't weathermen get it right, economists can't predict very well either and it seems they are (well at least the news is) rooting for a poor Christmas shopping season to boot.

5. Windows Vista? So that's the buzz. I haven't used it other than helping with some out of the box setups for a few people. Someone commented to me, referring to the look and feel of the desktop, that "it looks like the Mac." All I know is that I'm happy with Slackware. Slackware 12 with XFCE is much faster than any XP machine I've ever used. I would assume the same holds true when compared to Vista.

Number one - oh well, there's always next year. Good to see number two happen. The hype in number three usually happens and number four is just wishing thinking of doom and gloom by the MSM. Number five - looks like Vista is turning out to be a bona fide dud.

Will...I mean Wendell Gates 

You are totally wrong about Windows Vista. I got it over six months ago and my machine has crashed less than 10 times since then.

Den Folkskygge 
Fluxbox is leeter than Xfce, which was created by the dirty cheese-eating French homo Olivier Fourdan.

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