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Still Broken (10/06/07 ~8:45 pm EDT)

I chatted with tech support this afternoon and they said please allow 24-48 hours for resolution. Bah. It's now going on 36 hours so hopefull by Sunday morning I'll know what's going on. There have been some comments posted today but the most recent don't show on the side anymore. I wish I could just turn that off or delete it. That's something I'll have to look into; if it's not going to post most recent comments like it used to so there is no point in that box being there anymore.

Rocky Road (10/05/07 ~11:15 pm EDT)

Things aren't looking too good for the Phillies. Losing games one and two at home will be difficult to rebound from. Luckily, the Indians are up 2-0 on the Yankees and hopefully will eliminate them in game three. If the Phillies lose and Indians toss the Yankees aside, that will set me free to root for the Indians for rest of the playoffs.

My "root for" order of the eight playoff teams:

Red Sox

The reason the Yankees aren't at the bottom is that it irks me to no avail that teams that didn't even exist when I was in college are getting to the point where they have as many (Dbacks) or more (Marlins) World Series titles as the 110+ year old Phillies do.

Incidentally, of the eight teams, I have seen home games of seven of them. I have not seen the Diamondbacks' park yet, but I hope to get there within five years. Next on my list, and hopefully next summer, is either Washington or Detroit which, when I get to both, would put me at 18* major league ballparks, or, more accurately, 18 teams in their home stadium.

*Technically, my aim is to see every MLB in their home stadium at least once and it doesn't matter which stadium it is. For example, I've been to County Stadium to see the Brewers play so that satisfies the requirement.

The list so far:
Stadium (in no particular order) & event, if anything significant
1. Veterans Stadium | the last game (09/28/03)
2. Three Rivers Stadium
3. Riverfront Stadium
4. Dodger Stadium
5. Jack Murphy Stadium | Caminiti homers from both sides of plate 1st of three consecutive games
6. Anaheim Stadium
7. Fenway Park | Pedro's first start at home for Boston; 5-0 shutout over Seattle, the day before Easter, 1998
8. Yankee Stadium | I got a flat tire in the Bronx
9. Shea Stadium | against Pirates; Danny Darwin pitched like Cy Young that day, or so said the Mets fans sitting in front of us.
10. Coors Field | they also sold Budweiser there
11. Network Associates Stadium (A's) | Mike Oquist ties MLB record - gave up 14 ER to Yanks
12. Milwaukee County Stadium | 1. power went out for 10 minutes; 2. roof collapse at Miller Park happened two days before; 3. McGwire's 70th HR ball on display; he was the record-holder at that time. 4. the bratwurst was excellent
13. Wrigley Field | parking sucks; actually it's nonexistent, no official lots
14. Ballpark at Arlington | Rangers hit team record 8 homers; rout Astros 18-3
15. Jacobs Field
16. Camden Yards | The streak had already ended the year before. So I had tickets for Friday night and Saturday afternoon (4/23 and 4/24, 1999). I thought, "I'm sure to see Ripken play." Ripken goes on DL for first time in career the Tuesday before. He plays in every game for 17 years and I still missed him.

It's Broken (10/05/07 ~ 11pm EDT)

This blog entry was written with OpenOffice.org on 10/05/07 ~11pm EDT. I currently cannot add blog entries. I will post this on my blog once the problem is resolved.

One thing I don't like about my web host is that they force me to upgrade the blog software. So, every few months, I have to upgrade otherwise the control panel will not let me in to administer it. Yes, I like having security flaws corrected but sometimes the quick fixes cause more problems so I take the approach that it's best to let others test the upgrades before I do. Anyway, as I figured would eventually happen, the upgrade failed and now the control panel tells me that the blog isn't even installed. The But, it is, of course. The upgrade also deleted the links on the right but I can manually add them and just FTP the file over. Another thing the failed upgrade did was screw up the "most recent comments" section. It no longer shows the most recent comments. So now I have a trouble ticket in. It's a royal pain in the ass.

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