New Records 
There doesn't seem to be a lot of press about this but I have found at least two areas where the high temperature yesterday was the lowest on record for August:

New York City: 59
Allentown, PA: 61

I find it hard to believe that only two cities hit records.

Allentown's was a new low and New York's tied a new low.

State College, PA reported a high of 60 which ranked 112 out of 112 for lowest high temperature for the date.

Before the front moved east, St. Cloud, MN, set the lowest high of 59 for August 18.

Sacramento hit a new low high on August 5 and 6 (74). [Link]


Global warming refers to increase in global average temperature, not Pennsylvania anecdotal temperature. To avoid confusion, I won't define 'global' or 'average' here, but I'm sure if you think really hard back on third grade geography and math you'll remember.

Since I don't feel like typing up an elaborate post now, I'll link to my glorious epic pwnage of Bokkjen on Unilang today instead.

Where in this post did I mention Global Warming? I just mentioned some low high temperatures that the media didn't announce with trumpets and fanfare; like they do when there is a heat wave and blame the heat wave on you know what; regardless of how localized the heat wave is.

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