Google's New Logo? 
Since Google is unwilling to honor US veterans on Veteran's Day or honor those on Memorial Day who have given their last full measure of devotion so that Google can choose to ignore them, I have an idea for Google's new logo:

I know I'm a little late but 1) I'm busy and 2) I am not an artist. I would like to make an animated logo where 'Google' transforms to 'Goebbels' but I haven't the skills to do it. I need to work on the B's yet. I tried to make them lowercase but they didn't turn out right.

Anyway, here is a link to some very dignified design recommendations. Given that Google hires only the best talent, there is no excuse for such perfidy. Again, these are very good and very respectful.

A quote from the link (from Google): "We wouldn't want to create a graphic that could be interpreted as disrespectful in any way."

Google, your PR people are worthless pieces of trash. Look at those submitted logos. Tell me you can't create graphic as tasteful as any of those. I hope the numbnuts at Google realize that their bullshit is protected by the First Amendment.

For the record, I use Alltheweb my primary search engine and as my backup. Google is usually choice number three and, luckily, I usually find what I when using Alltheweb and

Diogenes of Sinope 
As you well know, Google have a long history of running filthy, anti-patriotic holiday logos (link, link, link, link, and link, for but a few examples)

Google ruthlessly denigrate Americans in this way many times a year, because of their black, seething hatred for our Freedom(tm) for Freeified(tm) Freefolk(tm) to Freely(tm) enjoy Freegasms(tm) of Freedomosity(tm).

...but to be perfectly honest, your creativity in finding outlets for wallowing in fake outrage is truly admirable. You're like the Thomas Edison of right-wing moral posturing.

If they can honor the Persian New Year or the birthday of birthday of Percival Lowell, they can come up with a dignified logo for Memorial Day. Given that too many Americans already think of Memorial Day as just another day off or the unofficial beginning of summer, maybe Google can take a little corporate responsibility and put a respectful logo on their page for a day. When someone does their Google search before hitting the beach or that picnic, maybe they'll take a minute to remember why they have the day off.

I forgot to mention in my post that when Google does a special logo, clicking on the logo runs a search of what the logo commemorates. No logo and no quick search gives me the impression they want their users to ignore Memorial Day.

Yes I know they do logos for July 4th and Thanksgiving and these are fun holidays for the most part. Some holidays, just because they are more (or should be) somber, should not be forgotten. Additionally, Google has done a logo for Canada's Remembrance Day but why have they spurned Memorial Day?

Diogenes of Sinope 
There are probably many reasons for Google opting not to have a Memorial Day logo. But I highly doubt that any of them involve Google hating America.

For instance, I don't know a damn thing about Gambas right now, but it's not because I hate Gambas. In my particular case, it's because I feel the need to increase my pathetic 3.8 GPA, then there's writing Newsforge articles, Vector Linux, Java, linear algebra, Swedish, then Python and Legendary Quest (tie-in). Gambas is by all means worth learning and it looks like I might have a chance to do that soon. However, even the most worthwhile tasks tend to get lost.

In Google's case, it's probably because they don't want to run a chance of upsetting their know, just like Fox News sold the Fox News and O'Reilly Factor 'holiday ornament' to avoid provoking the wrath of the ACLU's Druid death squads. Well, that, and they probably have to focus on writing and debugging actual code and stuff, not to mention scanning zillions of books, so I can look up the original sources for that old family history.

The WorldNetDaily article you obviously paraphrased also mentioned Google's failure to honor Christmas and Easter. *sigh* Leave it to WorldNetDaily to hold a pissing match over trivial nonsense like Google declining to post a Frigg-ing little banner for two co-opted pagan holidays.

What really steams me though is the languages they omit in their holiday greetings, and which they include. I see they have English (God's language) to start with, but then they severely disappoint us by following it up directly with faggy French, and miss out on my guttural favorites like Old Norse, Hebrew, and Amharic. I see Traditional and Simplified Chinese are present, as well as Korean, German, Japanese, and Italian, but meh. Adding Spanish was also certainly a big no-no, because everyone knows that all True Amuricans(tm) have been exclusively speaking English with a full-fledged Kansas accent since colonization began, ESPECIALLY in this totally non-traditionally-German part of Pennsylvania, which totally didn't speak German well into the beginning of the 20th century, before the outbreak of xenophobia during World War I ruined everything. Things were better before all those icky brown people started coming over here destroying our heritage...oops, did I think out loud too much?

I'm really just kidding of course. Bottom line is: if I were calling the shots at Google, there are two big financial risks I'd take, because I'm not that keen on money to begin with. The first would be to tell China they can kiss our ass and rely on some other search engine; I'm sure there'd be plenty of others willing to whore themselves out and eagerly shuck the undergarments of principle for such a lucrative market, because unfettered capitalism puts food ahead of morals, and Mammon far ahead of both. But I'd ALSO tell those who indulge in fake outrage to get a life and start worrying about real issues, instead of some bla-bla-bla bullshit about every holiday Google does or does not reference on its home page. In fact, I'd probably out-Grinch everyone and take the logo off the main page altogether, then give the page a black background and a grim-looking raven standard captioned ALL HOLIDAYS SUCK just to drive the point home. The 'Skittles' color scheme is way too cheery to begin with.

I didn't read the WorldNetDaily article. WorldNetDaily is too right-wing for me. Really.

Google wields tremendous influence and maybe this is paranoia but it may also foreshadow unknown intentions. Plus, it's acceptable not to trust ExxonMobil or Halliburton or Wal-Mart but when someone questions Google's actions, it is dismissed as a trivial matter not to be concerned with. Of the four companies I mentioned, Google is hands-down the most influential. Google has a market share that Wal-Mart or ExxonMobil could never have and Google is clearly on pace to become a monopoly which, in and of itself, should scare the average Web surfer but it doesn't and since the absence of a commemorative Memorial Day logo is deliberate and not the result of search queries that may have been Google-bombed, I am extremely wary of Google's intentions. Couple that with the march to monopolization, we all need to exercise some "let the web user beware."

Flag Day is coming up. I wonder if Google will do a special logo.

Diogenes of Sinope 
Google wield too much power in some areas. I have no problem with their 'horizontal consolidation' of web services in their case, but there are two morally wrong areas by me:

* Bowing to Chinese censorship for shallow profit motives---they rake in enough money as it is and that's all I need to say about that

* The invasion of privacy in several services. I'm not opposed to anonymous data harvesting to determine trends in searching for advertisers, but I am opposed to how Gmail gathers data and ties it to individual users. I will probably start to stymie this approach by sending out emails full of random keywords I couldn't care less about, kind of like that Emacs utility program.

I have not and probably never will fully approve(d) of everything Google do. Nevertheless I think that Google's services are of very high quality and that they are not fundamentally a bad organization (for the time being)

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