It's not quite Googlezon, but it might be close; rumors flew yesterday that Microsoft might try to acquire Yahoo. Apparently, the talks died before they really began, luckily. I would really hate to have to stop using Alltheweb as my primary search engine or my Yahoo calendar. I think we will see some mega mergers in the coming years. Here are a few that I think could happen:

Google acquires Ebay

Wal-Mart acquires Amazon.com

Microsoft acquires Yahoo

Honda buys Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep

AT&T acquires Verizon or Verizon acquires AT&T

H-P acquires Gateway

Samsung acquires LG

Of these, I think the Google-Ebay move is more likely than it seems. Google easily has the power and means do something like auctions. Since Ebay is a monopoly, I wish someone with the power of Google would create some competition in that field. Perhaps they aren't because they see acquisition potential. Google rolls out a lot of stuff and I think it's only a fraction of what goes on there.

Walmazon - 'nuff said; sounds so natural.

Gateway is ripe for takeover. If it isn't H-P, it will be Dell or Sony.

I think Honda will try for Chrysler, if for nothing else, to acquire the Dodge truck line and Jeep SUV line. Toyota and Nissan already have popular truck lines and I don't really think Ford or GM are interested in Chrysler. Then again, maybe Daimler will break apart Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep and sell them individually so maybe Dodge will go to Honda and Jeep and Chrysler elsewhere.

Yahoo will be acquired and not by Google. That leaves only one other suitor.

As for the others, who knows what will happen; just some guesses on my part, that's all.

Flummoxed in Fresno 
I can see it now; yahootmail

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