Tidbits (Updated) 
Even though she is abroad and affirming the veracity of my letter to the editor, I'll give Speaker Pelosi credit for one thing: she is not bad-mouthing the US and blaming us for everything, unlike Al Gore does when he travels abroad.

The Phillies have started 0-2 and have blown leads late in both games. This is not a good way to start April but it's not unusual. The Phillies seem to forget that games played in April count. I hope they remember this when they are two games back to the Mets in late September.

Even though I have given up watching the cable new channels, I can still hear the panting the MSM is doing over the prediction of 17 named Atlantic storms this season. They are still bugged over last year's super-hyped predictions of destruction only to be let down by five named storms that didn't do any major damage.

Speaking of weather. Where I live, the average high/low for this time of year is 56/35. Here's the five-day forecast: 42/23, 43/21, 40/24, 44/26, and 49/29. If anyone reading this is getting some of that global warming action, blow some this way, please. Better yet, locally, all we need to do is get out and drive our cars more. That will warm things up in a hurry. I had to put the storm windows in today; something I usually do at the end of baseball season, not at the beginning.

I usually don't comment or link to others' letters to the editor, but this guy hit the nail right on the head. There ought to be a law against lazy and stupid people getting laws passed. I don't know which is worse, those who write and propose stupid laws or those who enact them.

Our Congressman has been flagged by the White House as "vulnerable to defeat" in the next election. ALL members of Congress should be "vulnerable to defeat" in every election. It's too bad people in West Virginia, Massachusetts, and PA's 12 Congressional district aren't progressive enough for change.

Adblock for Firefox is OK, but blocking advertising sites through a router is better and easier; that is if your router has that feature.

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