Snow/Ice/Sleet Day 
The storm here has passed. I didn't bother measuring the accumulation but I'd estimate about five inches of snow, tops. Of course, that snow had about a 1 1/2 inches of icy mix in the middle and the five felt like ten when shoveling. I don't own a snowblower even though our driveway big enough for at least three cars comfortably. Our road is plowed but the side roads in the neighborhood are not. I just got the 4 wheel-drive fixed on my truck so I took a spin to make sure that it worked.

Incidentally, we have six fewer eggs than we did yesterday, about eight ounces less milk, two fewer beers, about eight ounces less Coca-Cola, and the same about of bread.

L. M. Enn 
You were snowbound for a day and you only consumed two beers? I'm disappointed!

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