Ha Ha 
Proof that billionaires can be stupid:

http://business.guardian.co.uk/davos200 ... 94,00.html

It's even funnier when they get stung twice, once for being un-American and once for being stupid.

And I have commented on that company before and been quoted too.

Google are now reversing the effects of all so-called Google Bombs, including the ones that introduced a sinister bias to their results (Latin joke).

But otherwise, PageRank is PageRank, and Google are still the awesomest. I looked hard and long for the part in Google Hacks where it says that liberals in black helicopters infiltrate the Google HQ and delete hits for freedom-loving, completely non-psychotic conservatives like John Gibson and Michelle Malkin. I was even hoping that the book would postulate a REASON.

But I didn't find it. I then noticed that the publisher is Tim O'Reilly, not Bill O'Reilly, because of the conspicious lack of falafel stains on the pages. So I dismissed them as yet another facet of the liberal media and resumed scanning through the GNU libc sources to see if those unwashed, un-American hippies were spying on my purchases of such pro-American knick knacks as the Fox News 'holiday ornament' and my support of an equally pro-American holiday, Christmas.

And while I'm on the subject of Christmas, I think it's absolutely disgraceful to suggest that Christians embraced, extended, and extinguished other religions. Which isn't to say that anyone who practices any of those inferior religions (including Judaism, as per John Gibson of Faux News) is a total pussy,

I was wondering if Google had make some changes recently. Both these search strings: "craftsman guarantee" and "cbs comedy lineup" (minus quotes) used to yield a post in my blog as the first link. Now, I have dropped some. The conspiracy theorist in me says that Sears and CBS persuaded Google to correct this. Then again, maybe this is just the dynamics of PageRank.

What about this Google query?

Err, on second thought, down with Google.

Yahoo! knows all.

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